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LUSCO - Lucaya Service Company

About Us

The Lucaya Service Company Limited (LUSCO) is a non-profit organization, which is responsible for the maintenance of properties in subdivisions developed or to-be-developed in the future, by The Grand Bahama Development Company Limited (DEVCO).

LUSCO is charged with the responsibility of maintaining and repairing streets, roads and utilities in DEVCO’s subdivisions. The maintenance work is funded by the payment of service charges. In order to ensure that charges will be paid for the benefit of the entire community, a covenant in the Deed of Conveyance requiring the original property owner and all subsequent property owners to pay an annual amount towards these costs and expenses, is inserted.

In this way, the entire community provides the financial support to maintain streets, roads, utilities and certain amenities for the benefit of all property owners.

LUSCO - Lucaya Service Company

Our History

Established in June 1967, LUSCO has over 50 years of service in the maintenance and landscaping field.

The Company was created as a not-for-profit entity to ensure that service charges are specifically used for maintenance of the Lucaya area and for the purposes set out in LUSCO’s Memorandum of Association. The income and property of LUSCO is specifically limited to the promotion of the objects of the Company as set out in the Memorandum. The first General Manager, Mr. Arthur F. Bilson was appointed on September 1, 1967.

The LUSCO Administration ensured that a planned maintenance programme of the Lucaya area was implemented and that a system for billing and collection of service charges was created. LUSCO presently oversees the maintenance of 47 subdivisions and approximately 882 miles of roads in the Lucaya area. Today LUSCO’s Bahamian management and staff work closely with the Sanitation Services Company Limited and other third party Contractors to carry out its mandate of maintenance and improvement in The Grand Bahama Development Company Limited’s Subdivisions.

Our LUSCO Team

Mr. Cory Cartwright
Maintenance Supervisor

Mr. Elon Ferguson
General Maintenance Worker

Mr. Franklyn Pinder
General Maintenance Worker

Executive Support

Mrs. Charisse Brown
Senior Legal Counsel

Mr. Charles Pratt
Senior Manager of Sales & Commercial Development

Mrs. Christine van der Linde
Customer Service Manager

Mrs. Paulette Ritchie
Legal Counsel/Compliance Officer

Mrs. Raquel Smith
Financial Controller


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