Refund Policy

To set out the policy and standard controls for refunds of payments made to the Grand Bahama Development Company (Devco) and Lucaya Service Company (Lusco).

Refund Request

A request for a refund can be made by contacting Devco’s Finance Department via telephone 242-350-9000 or via email

When requesting a refund via email, the customer is required to provide the account number, name of the account holder, date of the transaction, proof of payment and reason for the refund request.

All requests must be made within six (6) months.

Refund of Payment

If the refund request is approved, payment will be made within ten (10) business days. The customer can elect to have payment made via cheque (to be collected from the Grand Bahama Development Company’s office) or via wire transfer by providing the necessary bank details.

If the refund request is not approved, the payment will be displayed as a credit on the respective account.