Helpful Hints

Bulk Trash Services

Wednesday is the scheduled service day for collection of bulk trash in Lucaya, if items are not collected during first out service, please notify our office at 350-9016.

Bulk Trash Items (Scheduled Removal)

  • House Hold: Residential Stove, Refrigerators, Freezers, Microwaves, Washer & Dryers, Furniture
  • Outdoor: Landscaping Debris

Bulk Trash Item (Cost Associated)

  • Construction Debris (Concrete Blocks, Steel, Wood, Tiles, Roofing Ninety Shingles, Plumbing & Electrical Pipes). Please contact Sanitation Services for cost at (242) 352-9721.
  • Vehicle Parts (Tires, Rims, Engines etc.)
  • Fencing
  • Trap or Heavy Plastic

Illegal Dumping

What is illegal dumping?
Illegal dumping is the act of discarding personal or commercial trash on property not belonging to the violator. For example, in  areas such as nearby bushes, road side verges or land located off road in deep bushes.

Who is considered a violator?
Anyone who discards their trash on property not belonging to them.

Why is it important not to dump illegally?
If proper steps are not taken to discard your debris it can result in the following:

  • Destruction of  the environment
  • Decrease in property values
  • Creates breeding grounds for rodents and mosquitos
  • Kills marine and wild life
  • Contamination of the water table
  • Reduces available revenue for development improvements