Our Services

LUSCO service charges are used for the following purposes:

Beach cleaning, street lights, installation of bulkheads, traffic circles, creation of parks, road repairs, drainage of catch basins, road signage, navigational aids for the entrance of the waterways, and special projects such as the dredging of the canal entrances.

What are Service Charges?

Service Charges are fees paid to LUSCO for the maintenance of subdivisions within Lucaya.

It is an obligation which arises under the terms of the Contract and/or Deed of Conveyance, and reflects the common desire and goal of property owners in Lucaya to live and work in an environment that is clean, well manicured and consistently maintained.

Failure to pay service charges will result in a reduction of revenue available for the repair and maintenance of the basic amenities within the subdivisions, possibly leading to a decline in property values. It will limit the maintenance projects LUSCO can undertake in order to keep Lucaya “green, clean and pristine”.

Working For You

In order to significantly enhance the infrastructure within the Lucaya area Lusco recently completed the construction of a new bridge which now connects the missing east and west sections of the Grand Bahama Highway. The funding for the new bridge was provided by Lusco from the service charges paid by lot owners.

The Sir Jack Hayward Bridge as it is named, was constructed by a local joint venture between ABC Construction and Waugh Construction (Bahamas) Limited, thereby creating a requirement for number of skilled engineers and construction workers. This new $4m bridge structure has significantly reduced travel times to the east end of Grand Bahama as well as providing easy access to the nearby University of the Bahamas campus.

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