LUSCO is committed to the beautification of the common public areas in Lucaya. Our job is to ensure the verges, sidewalks, roads, and drainage in Devco’s subdivisions in Lucaya are well maintained.

We have installed traffic circles at Balao Road and Midshipman Road to ensure a smooth flow of traffic; we have installed street lights all with the service charges you pay.

In addition, we maintain and improve common facilities for the general welfare of landowners in DEVCO’s subdivision, Fortune Beach, Taino Beach and Churchill Beach for example.


LUSCO has contracted a third party, Sanitation Services, to conduct most of the maintenance in Lucaya. They collect household & residential refuse; cut verges in Lucaya, ensure that intersections are free of debris and have a clear line of sight.

They remove debris in all areas of Lucaya which accumulates as a result of indiscriminate dumping. If you see it happening, say something – contact us.


LUSCO maintains the roads within the Lucaya area to ensure that they are in good functioning condition for vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

The maintenance works include road paving and patching; pavement stripping; sign installation; repair and painting; repair of damaged curbing; pavement reflector installation; cleaning storm drains and catch basin chambers and installation of speed bumps.

The roads within the Lucaya area are either paved or drivable surface roads. Drivable surface roads are mowed at regular intervals to ensure accessibility.