Peaceful Easter Greetings


Easter celebrates the triumph of light over darkness, the conquest of evil by the attributes of love, peace, joy and life. Let us embrace the spirit of the season as a time to rekindle hope in each other and our communities, and in the belief that, together, we will see our island through these uncertain times, and thrive once again. …

LUSCO & DEVCO Junkanoo Beach Cleanup

LUSCO & DEVCO team cleans up Junkanoo Beach


On Friday 19th October 2018, The Grand Bahama Development Company Limited (Devco) began the clean-up of the Junkanoo Beach Club, which is considered an important/invaluable amenity by the patrons (local & International) to the community Beach area, in Lucaya. This exercise is the first of many planned for Lucaya, as landmark edifices or greenspaces are identified for improvement, by Lusco/Devco.

LUSCO Clean-up Campaign 2017


In collaboration with the Keep Grand Bahama Clean Committee clean-up campaign, on October 28, 2017 the LUSCO Team inclusive of Executive Managers, Staff and their kids met during the early morning hours on Fiddler’s Green with a mission to bring awareness of the importance of keeping our environment clean. The team walked East along Sunrise Highway in the Yeoman Wood …